Why Use Halotherapy?

Humans are not the only ones to reap the huge benefits from Dry Salt Therapy. Dogs have a respiratory and lung system very similar to our own. So, our pets are also exposed to allergens, pollution and airborne diseases on a day-to-day basis just the same as us. All this type of exposure can result in many health issues for our dogs such as restrictive breathing, mucus, inflammation, hay fever as well as severe skin issue such as mange, dermatitis and yeast infections.

How does Halotherapy Work?

Once settled in the salt therapy room, the dry salt aerosol is created by the Halo Generator for your dog to breathe in. As the aerosol is inhaled, the dry salt goes to work inside the respiratory system by acting as an antibacterial agent. It helps clear away secretion and dissolves bacteria and pollutants in the respiratory tract. This lessons inflammation in the lungs, reduces mucus, improves lung function and opens breathing passages.

The microparticles of dry salt that are dispersed into the air and not inhaled, eventually fall onto the skin and permeate into the epidermis of the skin, which absorbs oils and reduces the frequency of irritation skin conditions. The natural antibacterial properties of salt can prevent the development of bacteria and help neutralise the skins pH levels.

Booking a Session

If you would like to book a session, or if you wish to discuss any aspects of Halotherapy please get in touch via our Contacts Page here.